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Q: What do you organize?

A: Closets, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, books, toys, junk drawers, storage spaces, papers, guest rooms, clothing, and more

Q:  What happens during a session?

A:  Prior to the session, we speak on the phone about which area(s) you want to tackle and answer any questions you have. Photos may be helpful to send prior to the session, but not necessary. Upon arrival, you’ll give a “grand tour” of the home and then we’ll get started.


Q: Is my home the most disorganized one you’ve ever seen?

A: I’ve seen it all.  Nothing shocks me. Our homes are spaces that we live in, not magazine covers that were staged to look perfect. I am non-judgmental and the goal is to your space work for you.


Q:  How long does it take?

A: Each job is unique.  To set up a kitchen after a move, for example, takes approximately 4 hours, but depends on a variety of factors.


Q: Will you make me throw everything out?

A:  Absolutely not!  The decision of what to keep is yours.  I observe your reaction if you truly like the item or if you are second-guessing yourself and convincing yourself to keep something when you really don’t.  If you have 500 of the same item, I may encourage you to downsize a few… but the decision is yours.


Q:  What happens to the things I want to give away?

A:  I’ll gladly take your giveaways* and once they are out of your space they will be re-homed/ freecycled, or sold with most of the proceeds going to tzedakah. After I have removed the items, I immediately begin the process of re-homing, and items cannot be returned.
(*Note: Furniture, large bulky items, items too heavy for me to carry, old electronics, outdated media such as VHS and cassette tapes, appliances with cords from other countries, appliances with missing parts, sefarim and moving boxes excluded. There are resources with whom it may be possible to connect with who can help with this. Be sure to clarify specific questions prior to the session.)(* Additional note this service is for clients only).


Q:  Will the space stay organized?

A: You need to maintain the space in order for it to stay organized. Compare it to the conversation “But Mom, I brushed my teeth yesterday!” Mom replies “Of course you did, but that was yesterday. You have to brush them today, too.”  The key is to put things back in their place and train household members to do the same.


Q:  Do you do the work or do you teach me how to do it?

A:  I do the physical work but you work alongside me in making the decisions.  The more you practice listening to your intuition about which items you want to keep or discard, the more proficient you will become in the process.  With practice, you will be able to do it yourself.

Q: Do you have references?

A:  Yes, and also testimonials.

Questions or want to book an appointment? CONTACT us.

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