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Your STUFF during wartime

OK, everyone, it's time for a blog post. Focusing these days has been a challenge with the war. One of my musings is about STUFF: one's belongings, purchases, items, things.

There is the STUFF used daily. There's your favorite STUFF, like your favorite sweatshirt, coffee mug, blanket, ____ (fill in the blank with other items).

There's the occasionally used STUFF. Holiday items, seasonal paraphernalia, sports gear, etc.

But what about the STUFF that isn't used? Packed in the back of the closet, garage, attic, storage room? It generally sits there for posterity unless there's motivation to declutter it.

With the war here in Israel, the motivation factor is high. The STUFF is coming out. Displaced families who have fled from their homes to safer and quieter areas are the recipients of all this stuff.

Clothing, games, furniture, toys, you name it.

All that STUFF is getting new life. It's a beautiful site. Keep it up!

If you aren't in Israel to witness this, it's the same phenomenon you see after a devastating hurricane, flood, or other disaster.

People coming together.

STUFF for a cause.

It's a sight to behold. A win-win. A win for the giver, a win for the recipients.

Many are of the sentiment that when their STUFF is going to someone who can use it, it's often easier to let it go. Have you had the opportunity to declutter lately? Perhaps this post with inspire you. If you already have or plan to, feel free to let me know and I'll give you a virtual high-five.


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